Choosing A Health Coach Changed My Life

My story would have to start from the first time I ever felt overweight. I was just a 12 year old child. One day my Dad said, "Girl, you are going to grow up fat.... Just like your Momma." And with that one statement, my view of myself changed. I never felt "good enough" at home, in social groups at school, dance squad, at the swimming pool, at camp, shopping with friends, DATING ....the list could go on and on. Comments like that just scar you, deep. And OH LORD how those scars hurt. 
Fast forward to growing up, getting married, having children, gaining more weight, happy pounds and sad pounds. You feel stuck! Like this is it, he was right all along. I was turning into my Mom. Full story on my Mom will be in a blog post, but for this bio, let's just say I was obese. Obese and miserable. Then in May 2017, we had a baby shower for my daughter at my Mom and Dad's house and a picture was taken of me and my Mom. And then it really HIT HOME.  I was 49 years old and his words were staring at me in the mirror. I was 222 pounds. 
I had been seeing my cousin and her husband post about their weight loss on facebook and how they were helping people take back their health. I picked up the phone and made the best decision I have ever made for myself. I put myself first and said his prediction spoken over me when I was 12 years old ends NOW. So far, I'm 50 pounds down and now I'm paying it forward. 
Zechariah 2:10


Now that you have read about me, Lets hear about you!