Healthcare or Sick Care? 

The “healthcare” industry is really set up to treat sick people.
Think about it, we go to the doctor when we are sick.
They want us and help us to get well or repair us from an injury.
But, what are they doing to teach us how to stay healthy?
We see our PCP’s for about 15 minutes every 6 months for RX refills.
Yes, we need to see them for checkups, just like our car needs oil changes.
We need our flu shots and blood work reviewed.
But who benefits from endless trips to the pharmacy?
Next time you are there just glance over at the baskets of RX bags waiting to be picked up.
Our physicians are not with us every day eating fast food, or on the couch mindlessly munching.
They are not in the grocery store helping us to make better food choices.
Or in the breakroom, gas stations, airports, restaurants…etc.
Americans need help every day. The support and guidance every single day.
Would your insurance premiums go down if your BMI was lowered or you were off of certain medications?
What about your employees? How much time do you miss from work due to illness?