Does this ever happen to you? Someone says a statement in passing and it hits you like a ton of bricks? This happened to me the other day...twice actually. My daughter and I were discussing shopping for Christmas and how quickly funds become low when trying to continue to pay bills. That conversation turned into talking about living from paycheck to paycheck and how easy it is to live in a poverty mindset. 

She said the following quotes, "Mom, remember you can't pour from an empty cup." and she posted this one of social media. "Stop being jealous of people in their winning season. You don't know what they lost in their losing season." 
Both statements caused me to really think about myself for different reasons. Let's start with pouring from an empty cup. This one speaks volumes to how I have lived my entire life. I am a giver, I always have been. I will give and give and give until I literally have nothing else to give. Not just financially, but emotionally as well. There have been months when I had $2.80 left in the bank and I would thank God it wasn't -$2.80. Truth, I have had a lot of life happen in my almost 50 years and I grew up watching my parents live paycheck to paycheck, it's all I knew. I didn't know what having a savings account would even look like. This will be changing in 2019 and I am excited about this next new season in my life. 
Speaking of Seasons of Life, her social post. This one is so powerful. One thing that I have learned on my health journey is this: until you know someone's story, you should not be jealous of anyone. People do not know my story, and you do not know theirs.  They do not know the immeasurable loss I have had. Until you know the place that I and they are coming from, there is no way to show empathy. I encourage all of you to seek out their story. Learn what has shaped their lives, their feelings, their mindset, their pain, their grief, their scars. But, I also encourage you to share your story. You can't expect people to know what you need and how they can help you if they don't truly know you.
In this season of giving, truly be a giver of hope. It's not about a gift under a tree, the greatest gift will be your time and your whole heart. In a world of takers, be a giver. 
Merry Christmas