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The Bird, the Fish, and The Light Pole.

My commute each morning from home to work takes me on a very long bridge over Tampa Bay. The bridge is beautiful and the view is amazing. However, all along the bridge, there are long rows of light poles. Big, tall, strong light poles that can withstand hurricane-force winds. Thankfully that doesn’t get tested too often. So, the other days of the year they are used as a dinner table, a place to rest and a light to shine on our paths at night.

Since moving to Florida a year a half ago, I have noticed that a common sight are the birds flying about with a fish in their claws. I have also noticed that things never end too well for the fish. The birds fly down and pluck them out of the water and land on top of the light poles for dinner. Or I guess it could be for breakfast or lunch, regardless of the time of day for the meal, the results are the same for the fish.

In life, I think we are all either the bird, the fish or the light pole at some point. It is simply a choice we have to make of who we want to be. We can stay a fish and learn swim deeper and deeper in the waters of life to keep from being in the reach of the birds’ claws. Or we can simply be the light pole and stay in one spot and hope to withstand the storms that will come our way. OR we can be the bird. We can spread our wings, fly around, over, under or even through the storms of life.

Really the choice is simply how high are you willing to fly? It won’t be easy, your wings will get tired and you will feel like giving up at some point. If you do get tired, find a light pole or a tree stump and simply rest a for a moment. Then pick yourself up and soar like the bird God made you to be.