Reaching In-By Reaching Out

When you are really hurting, you need someone to desperately reach in. Reaching in means that someone recognizes that you are struggling and reaches out to help. Help doesn't mean they are there to "fix" whatever the problem is or the issue they are dealing with, it means a million times more. 
Most people don't need to be fixed, they need to be heard. They need someone just to listen. Listen to hear, not to repair. Now, sometimes that goes hand in hand. Just having someone to listen and show empathy can slowly start to help someone heal from past scars or see situations with fresh eyes. 
The problem comes when you think others should be able to see your pain and know what you need. People cannot hear your thoughts, they cannot read your actions or lack of action. Reaching out doesn't mean you are weak, it means you are strong. You are strong enough to allow someone to reach in. It can be very scary to do this, trust me...I have spent most of my life in a self-imposed invisible vault waiting for someone to notice it. 
I want to encourage you to simply to be mindful of the people in your life. Every person on the planet is struggling with something that you can't see. Don't wait for them to reach out, reach in. You just might save someone in ways you will never even understand.