Sunday Morning ~ Slow Talk

So this morning I was sitting outside having a cup of coffee, having quite time with God and reflecting on the last year.  I stood up to put the umbrella up and noticed this. Yep, that shadow in the pool. Do you see it? I stopped for just a second to think what has changed in the last year to the person behind this shadow. And what I have learned. 

Here is my short list:

~ How brave I am. 
~ How strong I am.
~ How having dreams and goals can change you deep in your soul. 
~ How determination to reach my dreams will only happen if I do the work to make it happen.
~ How I don’t know everything and if I truly want to change I have to be willing to CHANGE. 
~ How I can use my talents to help others, wanting NOTHING in return. 
~ How God’s forgiveness is the only forgiveness that I need. 
~ How my future can be what I make it, if I am willing to grow. 
~ How I do not have to let my addiction to bad food, take away my BIGGER addiction to my family. 
~ How by changing my daily habits, one at a time, is going to directly impact my legacy. 
~ How by chasing my bigger dreams, I am going to help people I haven’t even met yet. 
~ How God is using this journey to bring me closer to Him and fulfilling the dreams He has for me. 

So, in case you were wondering WHY I am so passionate about becoming a health coach, go back and read again. How could I not be passionate!