The Ripple Effect of obesity, as it relates to your employees, can have a never-ending impact on your business and your workers' compensation claims. 

Let me explain. If you have an employee that is suffering from the side effects of obesity there are many ways your business could be at risk.

Here is a short list. 

Increased Physician Treatments and Testing.
Increased Medications.
More time away from work due to health issues.
Increased Risk of Injury.
Additional time recovering from an injury.
Increased monies for ongoing medical treatment. 
Additional personnel costs of replacing an employee who is out of work. 
The Increased potential of an unfavorable FCE/IME.  
Higher disability/impairment rating.
Settlement and Legal Fees.
Higher MOD Rating.

Now let's look at the benefits of helping your employees improve their health. 

An overall better outlook on their home and work life. 
More energy in their home and work life. 
Fewer monies spent on copays and medical treatment. 
Less time away from work for doctors appointments. 
More controlled blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and breathing issues. 
Employees with a more normal BMI, have an easier time with recovery from an injury or illness.
And overall healthy body leads to mental clarity that could directly impact work performance.   

By simply introducing our plan to your employees you could give them the tool to improve their life. Did you know that an introduction is Free

This service can be offered at no cost to your business. Your employee, injured worker or patient will receive a personal health coach at no cost. Our program has been used in the medical community for almost 40 years. It changes thousands of lives each year. 

Simply visit my website and fill out the contact portion or email me directly to set up a time to discuss how we can help you.