What you can't see. 

Okay, so I want to give you a disclaimer. This one is going to tough to write, tough to read and I hope will inspire you as it did me. Because this is my WHY. 

The picture attached to this blog is of me and my Mom. It was taken in May of 2017 at my daughters baby shower. I was the heaviest I had ever been at 222 pounds. This is the one picture that turned out to be the lightbulb moment that changed my life forever. 
You might say, how can one picture do that? Let me tell you all about it. See, here is what you don't see and I can. 
1. Years of uncontrolled Diabetes.
2. Amputated toes.
3. Four carotid artery surgeries.
4. Stint to the Kidney.
5. Years of being unable to walk.
6. Close to dialysis.  
7. Years of being unable to play with her great-grandchildren.
8. Torn Rotator Cuff that can't be repaired because she wouldn't survive the surgery. 
9. The inability to bathe yourself. 
10. More medication then I can imagine taken every day. 
11. See 1-10 (Need I go on?) 
This is what my Mom's life and come down to. Literally, she sleeps all the time. Get's up to eat and goes back to bed. She and my Dad worked all of their lives to build their dream log home on a piece of land in a pecan orchard. It is beautiful. It has also been put on the market to sell because the risk of her climbing the stairs to get in and out has become too great. How heartbreaking it must be to come to this point in her life and see your dreams slip away because you simply do not want to change your habits. 
This is why this one picture changed my entire life. Because I could see myself in 28 years if I didn't change. So, you know what I did don't you??? That's right, I changed. I called my coach and said I don't know how to get healthy, but I know I have to do it NOW. I was 48 years old. I made a goal to lose 50 pounds before I turned 50. 
If you don't know me personally, then you likely do not know that when I want something.....I get it!!!! And I have never wanted anything so bad as not turning into my Mom. She is only 76 years old. She has SO much life left that she could be living, yet she doesn't seem to care. 
How do you lose the ability to care anymore? I just don't really quite understand that. But, I do know I hope you nor I ever get to that point. One thing that breaks my heart is to see people never reach their goals of losing weight or getting health simply because they are scared. Or hopeless. Or someone else has told them they are not worthy and they believed them. I'm going to quote Rachel Hollis when I say, "No one gets to tell you how big your dreams can be." I am going to quote Gary Vee, "Complaining is a zero return investment." 
You have to matter to yourself. You have to believe in your dreams. Not your spouses' dreams, not your children's dreams, not your bosses dreams, YOUR DREAMS. Your Goals. YOU!!! At some point in your life, you have to allow yourself to dream again. Give yourself permission to believe that you can do it and that you are worthy of the investment. Do you know who is going to benefit most besides you in your health journey? Think about that for a moment.....this one is deep. 
Did you read that one? Who is going to benefit from your health? Here is an example to help you. Here is the list of people who would have benefited from my Mom not giving up. Herself, my Dad, her Mom (my Mamaw), me and my brothers, her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren, her friends, her extended family, her coworkers (back when she could work), her church family, her sister, her Aunts......get my point? Everyone will benefit from a healthy you, you just have to want it bad enough to take the picture.  Put it on your screensaver on your phone and see your "WHY" every single day. Go do it now. Change your screensaver and then get up and change your life. #istand #socanyou