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Employee Wellness

Employers who care about the health and safety of their employees
get more production from their people.

Employee care is a great way to improve the bottom line. Sure, it is also doing the "right thing" for your employees. It can be much more than that. It is more than just health insurance. It is more than just posters on the wall at the office. It is a proactive approach to helping your employees achieve their personal goals.

Let's work together to do more for your employees.



Improve Focus

A healthy body produces a healthy mind

Reduce worry and stress in an employee's life. It will vastly improve their workplace focus and drive. Let us start the journey with your employees! Together we can produce a focused workforce.


Medically Independent

Physicians agree on weight management

Reducing a person's weight reduces the stress on their body. Improve your employee's weight management options by including Christie Simpson's Health Coaching system. Together we can reduce medical insurance usage through proactive change.


Happy and productive


Employees who achieve results will feel empowered and accomplished. These senses of additional self worth can reap huge benefits in the workplace. A confident and happy employee makes great decisions and operates in a timely fashion. Let's make a difference together today!

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Which officer is at higher risk for an injury.

Let's take a look at those brave men and women who take on grueling and sometimes dangerous professional careers. Here we have an example of a police officer. Take a moment to consider:

  • Which officer has a higher health risk?
  • Which officer has better mental focus?
  • Which officer feel energized to go to work?
  • Which officer will have an easier recovery from injury?
  • Which officer will have better mobility and agility?
  • Which officer will have a higher impairment rating?

This is just one example of hundreds. Your employees no matter their vocation can find benefits in a healthy life style.

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Employers and Workers Compensation can mitigate health risks with proactive health coaching.

The medical data backs up these claims. Healthy employees are safer employees. Healthy employees are happier employees. Happier people give better service. They perform better at their job. They are generally more cautious of their environment. All of these aspects are huge factors in the number of workman's compensation claims created.

If you are considering working with a Health Coach to reduce your risk and improve your workforce. Please consider Christie Simpson as your Health Coach. Christie has worked in the workman's compensation arena for years. She has held board positions in prominent workers compensation organizations. NO ONE is more qualified and prepared to help your team than Christie.

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